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Good day to you!

We at Scoopy’s & Cream are committed to making your ice cream gelato FRESH for you, upon your orders. We cater for any occasion big or small. Our helium balloons department will also do a fantistic job of brightening up your space!

Clients & Events have included – Birthday Parties! ( 1st month baby, kids, teens, adults ), Weddings!, Corporate Tea Parties ( UOB, HSBC etc )

Church gatherings, family days…. basically almost all joyous occasions…!

  • FRESH Ice cream gelato catering ( Scoopy’s Party Package – DIY ice cream treats – PreScooped Ice cream – Scooper Services ! )
  • PARTY helium gas balloons – ( colourful, yet simple balloons when created in numbers will add colour to any of your occasions )
  • PERSONALISE & CUSTOMIZE – We are flexible with your catering needs ( please speak to any our of coordinators in how you would your ice cream party to be a successful one) ¬†However, please give us a minimum of 3 days advanced booking!!

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