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  1. Scooping the Gelato Craze in Singapore

    May 22, 2010 by Admin

    If you haven’t heard Scoopy’s & Cream in Singapore you’ll be glad you did, better yet experiencing Gelato Ice Cream will tell you a different feel-good story.

    Gratify your taste buds with something above the ordinary but unlike our good ‘ol grocery- fresh ice cream, Gelato Ice Cream exudes an impressive much lower milk-fat content. Compared to the type of ice cream that we all grew up with, Scoopy’s & Cream is bringing the word ‘treat’ to a higher level.

    Our Gelato Ice Cream upholds a credible quality from using the finest and freshest ingredients as we equipped ourselves with an exclusive Italian-inspired process of ice cram making and the Japanese’s acquainted technology in ice cream making industry.

    Gelato’s distinctive flavor rose from the fact that it has a less air whipped making it denser and more flavorful than the regular ice cream. Lesser air whipped also equates to more ice cream content which makes Scoopy’s & Cream truly special as it gives full bodied value to your money.

    Why an Ice Cream Party? There’s always a kid in each and one of us. When we’re much younger, we struggle to perfect the ‘ice-cream eating techniques’ for we simply don’t want mom to worry about the mess!

    Revive the spirit, strengthen the bond, or reward your team. You can make a clear and sincere statement with a Scoopy’s & Cream Ice cream Party.